jewellers workbench
jewellers workbench


All the jewellery shown on this site is handmade by me, from scratch, at my workbench. I use sheet and wire sterling silver and I cut, hammer and form this into the items I make. Silver is cut using a piercing saw and soldered with silver solder of various different melting temperatures, using a propane torch. I use other techniques such as hammering and filing to shape the silver. I set all the stones myself, making the silver settings by hand. All the fixings are also made by hand - the only things not made by hand are the thin silver snake chains that come with some of the pendants. Various finishing methods are used and a high polish finish is achieved using a motorised polishing machine or tumbler.

I curently live aboard a ketch sailing boat named Lady Rosemary, presently found sailing the East Coast Rivers of Essex and Suffolk. I work from a workshop by the river in Hullbridge, Essex.

CUSTOM ORDERS ANNOUNCEMENT - I'm afraid I now can't take any custom orders as I am on maternity leave but I will be listing some of my existing designs for sale, feel free to enquire with me about availability.


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