Handmade Silver Bracelets

Here are a selection of bracelets hand made in sterling silver. All pieces shown can be made to order so if you like something you see here but would like to change or add elements to the design, please contact me.

E-mail to arrange a custom order or to order a design that is out of stock.

You can purchase directly from my website through Paypal using a credit or debit card. I ship WORLDWIDE. Every purchase is wrapped with care in recycled packaging, whether it is a gift for someone else or a treat for you....


Copper Wings Butterfly Cuff

I have made this cuff from two layers of copper. I have drawn and hand pierced freehand the butterfly from the top layer and heated the copper to create the beautiful patina of reds and browns. The inner layer of copper will tarnish naturally with time. It's a one-off! The layers have been joined with silver rivets and curved into the cuff shape. Light and comfortable to wear. The cuff measures 15cm from end to end and 5cm tall. The diameter is 6cm at its widest and 5cm from the opening to the middle. The opening is 2.5cm. 65 Sold Out

Rainbow Butterfly

I have made this cuff from silver and titanium. The front of the cuff is formed from 0.4mm silver and the design has been hand cut to display the titanium below. I have heated the titanium to different temperatures with a torch to form the rainbow colours across the cuff. The two pieces have been riveted together with silver rivets. This cuff is a small size, for a wrist of 14-17cm circumference. The cuff itself measures 15 centimeters from end to end of the metal and is 6cm tall. This design can be made to fit - there is a proper way to fit and put on a cuff so that it fits perfectly and you don't have to stretch the metal. 80 SOLD OUT 

Razzle Bracelet

This bracelet is the centrepiece of my new range which uses sterling silver and hand tinted resin with pieces of silver to create a unique and colourful statement piece of jewellery. I mix the colour every time I make a new piece, so no two are ever the same! Satin or gloss finish resin and polished silver. 145 Sold Out

silver resin bracelet silver resin bracelet silver resin bracelet

Hammered Satin Bracelet

I love making these chains which is surprising as they are so time consuming - but I think the result is worth it! Each link is made from 1.5mm silver wire and then soldered and hammered to create the textured non-uniform links. All links are then individually cut and soldered together with a matching clasp to finish the piece. The diameter of each link is approx. 1.3cm so quite a substantial chain and really eye-catching! I have finished this chain with a satin finish as I love the way the light reflects off the links.

Matching bracelet 60 Sold out

silver hammered chain necklace silver hammered chain necklace silver hammered chain necklace

Hammered scales bracelet

Every link in this chain has been made by hand. The flat links are formed from 1.5mm silver wire and then soldered and hammered to create non-uniform circles. These links were then joined together with 1mm oval links so that the chain can lie flat or twisted. The chain has been finished with a high polish and really glitters in the sunlight! The clasp is made by hand and hammered to match the links.

Matching bracelet. 60 Sold Out

silver hammered chain necklace silver hammered chain necklace silver hammered chain necklace

Double Bangle with gemstone setting

Two oval bangles have been hand formed from 2mm silver wire. A turquoise stone (length 8mm) has been set in a cabochon rubover setting. The setting moves freely around the bangles. You can wear the bangle with the stone hanging down over your hand or the bangle can be pushed tight against the arm with the setting hanging downwards. I can make this bangle with the gemstone of your choice. The packaged bangle shown has an azurite stone set.

60 Sold out

silver turquoise bangle silver turquoise bangl silver turquoise bangl
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