Silver Jewellery

Welcome to my handmade silver jewellery shop or my jewellery shop. I design and make silver jewellery by hand. My handmade silver jewellery is made using several different traditional techniques and each piece is therefore one of a kind jewellery.

Sterling silver jewellery is handmade from sheet or wire sterling silver to create unique pieces of silver jewellery. I also use resin and gemstones to create jewellery to my own designs.

Handmade silver jewellery can be a special gift for a friend or partner, particularly my handmade lockets made from sterling silver which are the ideal gift for a special occasion such as the birth of a child, anniversary or special birthday. Also the perfect present for your new wife or to give to your wife after the arrival of a new baby.

I also make silver bracelets, silver bangles, silver earrings, silver rings, silver necklaces, silver pendants and silver broaches. I make silver jewellery for children, including christening and baptism gifts and gifts for babies. The perfect memento to keep for many years and pass on to their children. Kids jewellery can be designed for the child or you can select from my existing designs. I use resins and sterling silver to create a piece of jewellery which is colourful and bright and tailored to the individual child.

I make handmade sterling silver rings incorporating gemstones such as amber, turquoise, topaz, ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond, jasper, lapiz lazuli, azurite, opal, moonstone and mother of pearl. I often use gemstones cut as cabachons as these suit my handmade jewellery style most. Sterling silver is the perfect backdrop for many gemstones including semi-precious gemstones.

I use bezel settings frequently in my handmade jewellery designs as these complement the gemstone with their simple design. I like to make simple chunky jewellery and bezel set stones work well for this.

This is my online jewellery shop. I also have a jewellery shop at Etsy in US dollars or Dawanda in Euros or Folksy in pounds sterling. I prefer to sell direct to my customers online as I can price my silver jewellery at the most reasonable price possible without adding shop overheads or gallery commissions. My online jewellery shop is a virtual silver jewellery shop where you can buy handmade silver jewellery which is designer jewellery and is made for you as an individual. Bespoke silver jewellery that is really made by hand and where each piece if silver jewellery will be different from the last. A gift that can never be repeated. Silver handmade jewellery is a special gift for a special occasion.

I ship my handmade silver jewelry worldwide, in particular to the US where customers value handmade jewelry. I use international insured shipping and jewelry is packaged protectively to ensure that they arrive anywhere in the world in perfect condition. My online silver jewelry shop is easy to use for all customers who wish to buy handmade silver jewelry and the jewelry can be paid for securely using paypal.